Our History

Over 50 years ago Bishop John D. Tyree, Sr. was led to hold worship services in his own home where members of his family would assemble themselves together to give God thanks and praises.  It was through this mission that John D. Tyree, Sr. sought God's guidance and direction to lead his growing followers to accept His true gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  As the church family continued to grow, Pastor Tyree followed his dreams and asked God for a bigger location to worship.  At that time, a building on Clovis Avenue in Capital Heights, Maryland was perfect to become the home of Church of Deliverance, so Pastor Tyree and his followers moved to that location.  From there the fellowship continued to get stronger and the church membership grew rapidly. 

After being at that location for some time, Bishop Tyree had a vision from the Lord for a new church building, his "dream church".  He then sought wisdom from the Lord on how to get all of the church members involved to prepare for the task ahead.  The Lord found favor with COD's desires and answered our prayers. 

By obeying God's word ("to be of the same mind"), Bishop Tyree and his congregation worked together diligently.  Through the grace of God, COD's groundbreaking ceremony for the new church became a reality.  On June 3, 1994, it was with utmost gratitude and thanks to Almighty God that Bishop Tyree and his congregation were able to move to COD's current location, 1111 Chapelwood Lane, Capital Heights, Maryland 20743.

Since worshipping at this location for some time, COD has been blessed to have a few upgrades and other improvements.  These include brand new benches (pews) to match the carpeting in the sanctuary, an upgraded baptismal pool, new carpeting for the pulpit area, a new PA system, an upgraded organ, new furniture for the Pastor's office, new chairs for the overflow room, as well as a few improvements to the exterior of the building.