Our Values


The desires of Church of Deliverance are outlined by the following values:

a)  FAITH IN GOD:  We believe that in the beginning Almighty God created the earth and everything in it.  We believe that FAITH is the greatest asset and without this, it is impossible to please God.  We believe that God justly responds to our complete faith in Him.  Therefore, we ought to follow a lifestyle that expresses God's values - and "faith" is one of them. 

b)  INTEGRITY:  We believe that integrity is the most prized possession.  We agree that if we live a life if integrity, we are saying that we believe everything God says we are.  We do serve a God of truthfulness and we can rely on Him to bring us out of any difficulty, if we maintain our integrity in a worldly society.

c)  EXCELLENCE:  We strive to live a life of excellence, never compromising in order to fit the attitude of the world.  Our aim is to fathom our mind on God’s promises and He will reward us abundantly if we refrain from compromising.

d)  DIRECTION:  Our main goal is to stay on God's way of life by asking Him to lead us in the right direction.  We hold strong on God’s promises that He will direct our paths if we seek first His kingdom.  God is with us always to guide and protect us and to show us His favor.

e)  LOVE:  We at the Church of Deliverance value the "Love of God".  We believe in sharing and expressing God's love to His people.  We believe that we are in God's chosen environment to accomplish His mission.  Our aim is to express and demonstrate the love of God to everyone who enters our doors to partake in our worship services.  We believe that God is looking for people who are stable and consistent in their faith in Him.  Our vision  is to let so much love overflow in our church that visitors and friends feel welcome to hear God's word and be encouraged to return for what they were lacking for so long.