Our Vision


Church of Deliverance was founded by Bishop John D. Tyree, Sr.  He pastored this church for about 50 years and went home to be with the Lord on June 1, 2005.

The Church of Deliverance now has a new pastor, Reverend Lillian A. Tyree, who was installed on September 2, 2006.  We at COD are blessed to identify with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His birth, death and resurrection.  We, as the body of Christ, are honored to share deliverance and love to all by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  We constantly seek different ways to win souls to Christ.  We endeavour to help and serve the local community by seeking out and encouraging the lost and needy, donating funds and providing food supplies on a regular basis.  We thank God that you have found your way to our website and we pray that the Lord will open up your hearts to find the true way, Jesus Christ.


One of the goals of Bishop Tyree's dream church is to be an encourager.  He strives to encourage his officers and followers to continually use their unique ministeral gifts.  They are allowed to minister and bring forth God's word in teachings, evangelistic sermons, preaching, poetry and music.  Our vision is to be an encourager of God's word.  We envision that our words do have the ability to encourage others and build them up.  We constantly seek the goal to be a witnessing church where the good news of Jesus, His life - His death - His resurrection, can be shared with everyone without any reservation.  We envision using our position of authority, as the body of Christ, to lift up our brothers and sisters by speaking words of blessings over their lives, believing that we will never be blessed abundantly if we are withholding our appreciation.  We see ourselves as having the authority to speak words of blessings over another's life.  We envision putting our trust in God because He is our preserver.  We envision worship services as opening up to God.  We foresee a church with a mindset to pursue the intention of reaching out to those who show lack of hope.  We desire to let them see that there is hope in coming to the Lord through our love and persistence.  We envision a church seeking to attain the greatest asset, FAITH IN GOD.  We long for a church with individuals who are free to display their unique giftedness in ministering God's Word through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.